Sunday, March 10, 2013

Duck Duck Goose

Well, that was the craziest game of Duck Duck Goose I ever remember playing.

The players: Mom, Samuel (9), Benjamin (7), Elisa (5), Rachel (3), and Makayla (turning 2 in 2 weeks). Dominic is sick, so he just sat on the couch.

Problems: 1. We were all wearing socks, and the living room has hardwood flooring. So imagine, if you will, everytime someone jumps up or tries to run around the circle, all the slipping, sliding and laughter that ensues. 2. Makayla does not yet grasp the rules of the game. At first she had to sit in my lap. Then I tried to help her when she wanted to join in the fun. Eventually she went around the circle, hitting our heads (ouch!) and saying "duck" and "goose" at random intervals, regardless of who's turn it was. 3. The children grew bored with "duck" and moved on to random things in the room, such as shelf, couch, table, sister, etc. They were laughing so hard that no one could hear when "goose" was called.

The festivities finally grew too rambunctious for me, and I called it quits. It took some time for everyone to calm down enough for prayers and bedtime. It is an hour later now, and I hear no noise coming from the kids' rooms. Perhaps they wore themselves out. Thank you, Elisa, for choosing this game for tonight's Family Home Evening activity.