Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Welcome to my 100th post and 100 things about me. I like keeping traditions, so here goes. I hope it is more interesting than boring.
  1. I am 5'4" tall, and my weight fluctuates every 2 years between a healthy BMI and 9 months pregnant.
  2. I have blond hair that is usually long, but is occasionally short, and is currently of medium length.
  3. My eyes are blue, but I've been told they look green in the sunlight.
  4. I wear glasses, though I don't think of myself that way. I'm always surprised when I see pictures of myself wearing glasses.
  5. Currently my favorite color is red. As a little kid I liked pink; in my school years I preferred blue; in college I narrowed it to a jewel-toned blue; now I just like red.
  6. My favorite color combination is red and black.
  7. My least favorite color is orange. I don't hate it, but I like the other colors better.
  8. I prefer argyle over paisley.
  9. I must have labels facing out.
  10. I make lists for everything.
  11. Palindromes make me smile.
  12. Rodents scare me to death, and yet I own one (a degu).
  13. I have a bad sense of direction and get lost a lot.
  14. I have a horrible sense of time.
  15. I am a great sleeper. I fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, and wake up gradually.
  16. I love to exercise, especially aerobics and running.
  17. I still laugh out loud when reading comic strips in the newspaper.
  18. I like experimenting with food and trying new recipes.
  19. I enjoy baking. I do not decorate cakes.
  20. My favorite type of pie is cherry.
  21. I can't stand fatty meat. I trim everything, even bacon.
  22. When telling a story, sometimes I forget to mention key details, which confuses my audience.
  23. I love my birthday and still look forward to it. I don't need or want a big party, just a simple acknowledgment will do.
  24. One meaningful present is more important to me than receiving many gifts.
  25. I thinks it's really cool that my birth certificate says "Certificate of Birth Abroad." (I was born on an American army base in Germany.)
  26. My favorite holiday is Halloween, probably because it's near my birthday.
  27. Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons. I'm a weather wimp - I hate extreme temperatures.
  28. Monday mornings seem full of hope and possibility to me.
  29. I love early morning when the sun is just rising and the air feels fresh, but ...
  30. I'm a night owl and usually stay up too late.
  31. Housekeeping is not my forte. Clutter is my nemesis.
  32. I like the idea of being organized, but I am not. Somehow I've gotten slightly more organized with each baby.
  33. I do not like cutesy, except when it comes to babies.
  34. I love my children whole-heartedly. I love being their mom. I have no regrets staying home to play with them.
  35. My house is noisy with 4 children, so I soak in the rare moments of quiet.
  36. One of my biggest worries is that I'm not giving my children the individual attention they need.
  37. My favorite lullabies to sing to my children are "Baby Mine" from Dumbo and "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess.
  38. "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong is my all-time favorite song.
  39. I enjoy singing, and I think I'm ok.
  40. I have a tendency to remember song lyrics wrong, probably because ...
  41. I make up new lyrics to fit the situation or to make my kids laugh.
  42. I'm a very patient person, except when I'm tired, pregnant, or feeling anxious.
  43. I'm prone to anxiety, but I've learned how to calm myself down before it gets too bad.
  44. I have a tendency to ignore problems, hoping against reality that they will just go away.
  45. If I can't ignore it, then I need time to mentally prepare myself to tackle the problem.
  46. I don't like making phone calls, and I have to mentally prep myself for them. Sometimes I talk myself out of calling.
  47. I don't have strong opinions, except when it comes to my family and my religious beliefs.
  48. Once I realize that I don't have an opinion about something, it's a lot easier for me to make a decision.
  49. I avoid political discussions - politics are not worth arguing over.
  50. I do not feel comfortable drawing attention to myself.
  51. I hope to never be featured in the newspaper.
  52. I enjoy socializing but initially feel very shy.
  53. I still feel that teenage awkwardness in social situations.
  54. I can't watch awkward or embarrassing movie scenes and usually cover my eyes until the scene changes.
  55. I feel like I'm too loud and I say the wrong things a lot.
  56. I have the bad habit of finishing other people's sentences.
  57. I feel that I am unreliable.
  58. Sometimes I don't understand why people like me.
  59. I try to be open-minded, but then sometimes I realize later that I was being judgmental.
  60. I try to give others the benefit of the doubt.
  61. Some people say that I am naturally very nice and loving.
  62. I've been told I am good at understanding human nature. I think it's because I'm constantly asking why people do what they do.
  63. I try to be observant.
  64. I am not fashionable, even if I could afford to keep up with current styles.
  65. I prefer classic and elegant styles.
  66. Women's obsession with shoes baffles me.
  67. People have often said I look younger than I am, and now I'm trying to stay younger looking.
  68. I have also been told that I have a great memory.
  69. I've heard that I am a good teacher.
  70. People have told me that I'm a trooper, that they can see me crossing the plains with the pioneers.
  71. I enjoy camping as long as there is running water.
  72. I've always been fascinated with Native American cultures, and I like attending Pow Wows.
  73. Growing up I knew I would go into a science-related field, and my degree is in dietetics (which has a lot of chemistry).
  74. I like attending science fiction conventions.
  75. My favorite sci-fi involves the 3 stars: Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate.
  76. I enjoy stargazing and find it relaxing.
  77. My movie preferences are musicals, comedies, action, some chick flicks and occasionally dramas.
  78. I can remember the movies and shows actors are in, and I like following their careers.
  79. I like the theater and wish I could go more often.
  80. I love reading anything, whether books, magazines, newspapers or blogs.
  81. In fact, I feel restless without reading material on-hand.
  82. My favorite magazines are: The Ensign, National Geographic and Scientific American.
  83. Regarding novels, I feel safe choosing Young Adult fiction, because it's clean.
  84. If I own the book, I use a marker to censor the bad language.
  85. I like visiting libraries, whether they are big and fancy or just a small town branch.
  86. One of the first things I do after moving is get a local library card.
  87. I enjoy reading out loud. On long trips it helps prevent car sickness.
  88. I like road trips, especially spontaneous trips. However, with kids along I need at least one day of planning.
  89. I enjoy working on crossword puzzles, though I rarely finish them.
  90. As I get older, I prefer listening to classical music.
  91. Although far from being a photographer, I like taking pictures and really like my digital camera.
  92. I have liked every place I've lived, but I feel more comfortable in the west.
  93. From what I know of my paternal grandma, I think my personality is a lot like hers, but I am more relaxed and calmer because of my mom.
  94. I sound like my mom when I tell my older children "You're not the Mom, I am. Now let me be the Mom."
  95. I also say "good heavenly days" like my mom.
  96. Like my dad, it takes me awhile to leave the house, because I keep going back in to get the things I forgot.
  97. I get along with all of my siblings.
  98. I feel that I can make it through anything with my husband beside me.
  99. I am very happy with my life.
  100. I am an optimist.